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Astrologer 🪐 Tarot/Oracle Reader 🔮 Pranic Healer 💎 Psychic Medium ⚰️... Basically Spiritual AF ✨

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From a young age, I realized I was different than others, yet I was too young to understand and accept my uniqueness. While other children were playing with toys, I was gazing at the stars, experiencing strange sensations and phenomena which I now know were interactions with spirit, angels, and otherworldly beings that were so much bigger and stronger than myself.  I overcame many hardships throughout my teenage and young adult years, realizing more and more that I had special gifts and abilities that I couldn’t ignore.  I spent many years rejecting my gifts and abilities as well as dismissing my intuition and connection with spirit in an effort to “fit in” with my peers and general society.  I tried to gain understanding of myself and others by exploring Psychology and ultimately attained a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with a Minor in Child Development.  That was the first step towards understanding myself, healing past trauma, and discovering my place in the world. 

My life and path have always been very unique, a bit eccentric, albeit spiritual path.  As I started to embrace my gifts and abilities, I learned how to heal myself and the relationships I had with those around me.  I saw that as I healed myself, and accepted my uniqueness, my energy started to expand and began to heal those connected to me.  Over time, I started to see and realize the interconnectedness of humanity as a whole.  Eventually I gained the confidence and was guided by spirit and the angels to help others.  I have spent many years searching for answers, learning as much as I could about spirituality and different modalities, gaining self-acceptance, and ultimately healing.  I decided to combine my Psychology background, knowledge of the different spiritual modalities, divination tools, and gifts from spirit to help others.

I am here to help awaken and heal the collective consciousness and help others see their true potential and validate what they intuitively know to be true.  I am here to help you learn how to heal yourself, which will in-turn help heal others, and ultimately humanity as a whole… we are one.

If you feel like you’re in need of healing and/or guidance, I am here to let you know you don’t have to face your difficulties alone. Contact me today and let’s begin healing.

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Grants Pass, Oregon 97527


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