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Got Questions? I’m Here to Help.

Can you do readings in person?

Due to the ever-changing state of the world since Covid-19 and my recent relocation, all readings and healings will be done virtually via Zoom.  I may be creating a studio that is open to the public in the future, but it is not currently offered or in person.  I assure you that I am able to read energy just as easily virtually as I can in person; it will not reduce the efficacy or accuracy of the reading or healing.

What can I expect my reading to be like?

The virtual environment is laid back, relaxed, and very healing.  I will start out my readings by starting with a singing bowl, using an invocation prayer to call in your energy to me, always with help, guidance, and protection.  Once the energy is grounded, we will begin discussing spreads or how I can best offer the guidance and clarity you seek.  You will never be rushed and are welcome to ask questions or further clarity.

How long does each reading session take?

Always allot between 30-45 minutes for a Tarot/Oracle reading and 45-60 minutes for a Psychic Intuitive combined reading.  Pranic healing is always done at a distance where you are somewhere where you can comfortably relax in your own space; this takes approximately 30-45 minutes depending on the intensity of the healing on the client's comfort level.

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